23 Mar

2017 Subaru Outback

By: Quality Used Engines

Performance – The Subaru Outback Engine Options 

It comes with a 175 horsepower 4-cylinder engine that puts out 174 foot lbs. of torque or an optional six cylinder, 3.6 liter with 256 HP with 247 foot pounds of torque

Both Subaru engines come with a manual CVT gearbox and paddle shifters mounted to its steering wheel (which we at  Quality Used Engines are partial too).


The Interior

The new Subaru Outback for 2017 has a new upper end interior trim in a beautiful brown that really pops with the white stitching and black accents (java brown is what Subaru calls it).

It also features a more safe and eye friendly gauges called “eyesight”. The seating is for 4 persons sitting comfortably, safety comes in the form of side, front, rear and curtain airbags – all standard.

It has the starlink navigation with a 7-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system.



Not much has changed since Subaru’s 2016 model, they are both great quality as far as Subaru’s are concerned.


It’s a sure footed little car that’s fun to drive and gets decent 24/31 miles per gallon.


Thanks for reading and as always, when you need a used Subaru engine you can get it at  Quality Used Engines.