5 Jul

Chevy C10 Build series – Day 3

The motor was not difficult to remove from such a large engine compartment. We had difficulty with a couple of the bolts that were hidden by the headers. Since there were so many little things that shouted ” in a little over my head”, I decided to rebuild the engine.

With the engine and transmission removed from the car, it is easier to diagnose what was done and not done correctly. We removed the top of the motor (carburetor and intake manifold) before hooking up the engine hoist.

IMG_0433Upon removal of the tall sized valve covers, to my surprise, we found that one of the rocker roller arms laying in the valve train, sheared off at the main tightening bolt. Upon further inspection, it appears that all the rocker arm bolts were not torqued correctly. This goes a long way to explaining why the motor would not turn over.

Once we have the motor removed, we will see just how many things we will have to repair.

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