2 Jun

Cleaning & Maintenance of Fuel Injectors



By: Quality Used Engines

Fuel injectors get clogged when you have been driving your car for a few years, it is possible that at some time, you’ve faced some problems with engine performance. This could include a starting problem, uneven idling, erratic acceleration, pinging sound, reduced gas mileage or an overall poor engine performance. One may face any of these hiccups despite regular and timely engine tune-ups at authorized repair shops. The reason for these problems could be dirty or clogged fuel injectors in your car engine, says Al over at Quality Used Engines.

Good preventive maintenance of your car demands that the fuel injectors be cleaned at least every 36 months or 45,000 miles, whichever is earlier. Whether the fuel injectors are clean or dirty cannot be seen while the engine of your car is running. Removing the fuel injectors and evaluating them is also a time-consuming exercise. So, maintenance is done based on time and mileage done. If it is delayed and the fuel injector and throttle body cleaning is done after say 60,000 miles, the difference in engine performance may clearly be noticed by discerning drivers.

What function do fuel injectors perform?

Fuel injectors pump pressurized fuel as a fine spray to the car engine through a very fine hole. This fine mist of fuel in the form of a spray burns more evenly as compared to a regularly flowing fuel. However, over a period of time, the burning fuel leads to deposits clogging the hole with deposits. This results in an uneven spray or the spray becoming a dribble which causes the engine to perform erratically.

How are injectors cleaned

In a good, quality, commercial fuel injector cleaning system, a detergent-enhanced gasoline is pumped into the fuel injection system of the engine for cleaning the fuel injectors. The detergent is circulated through the fuel rail and pressure regulator for removing the soluble material from the inlet screens before cleaning the injector ports. After scrub cleaning the injectors, screens, hoses and regulator, the engine is run idle for around half an hour to clean the injector nozzles.

Where to get the fuel injectors cleaned

You should take care not to opt for a fuel injection cleaning service at a shop that is not duly equipped to test the fuel pressure or replace a damaged injector which your car may require before the car can be handed back to you in proper condition. “The shop where you get the fuel injectors cleaned must have the proper equipment and expertise to do the job” says Al @ http://qualityusedengines.com

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